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Kitchen Cabinet Granite Counter Top Vanity Porcelain Sink
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At Quality Granite and Tile Inc. we specialized in wholesale and retail of top quality granites, tiles, laminated floors and much more. Our prices are second to none when it comes to value and quality. It's no wonder why we've been in business for years!   As our customers, we appreciate your time and your business. Customers' satisfaction is our number one priority, therefore, we aim to provide our customers with great services and afforable prices. We offer home renovation estamates at no cost to our customers. Give us a call, our friendly staffs are more than happy to assist you.
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Whether you’re remodeling your home for the first time or just looking for a small renovation, we have what you need. We carry well over 100 different inventories at affordable prices. More importantly,we have years of experience in home renovation under our belt. Call us and ask us how we can help you.
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